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Virtual CISO Services is the logical choice for cybersecurity leadership for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ensuring the security of confidential business data including your customer’s sensitive personal and financial details requires constant attention. And though not every business demands the full-time commitment of an executive to oversee this function, small- to mid-sized businesses do need the same level of security and control capabilities already in place at larger corporations. While the resources for smaller organizations are less, the compliance and risk requirements are often the same as larger companies. This is where Virtual CISO services can play a role to deliver and streamline controls to meet risk and compliance objectives without the need to hire full-time staff members.

That’s where we step in. We can protect your organization at the same level you would expect from a full-time chief information security officer through our Virtual CISO service (vCISO service) without the steep investment of executive compensation and their associated benefits package. Work in collaboration with an advanced vCISO professional able to maintain a relationship with your team and become familiar with both your environment and industry so you stay on top of constantly evolving threats and regulations.

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What is a Virtual CISO?

A virtual chief information security officer, or vCISO, is a professional who works routinely with organizations to provide all of the essential cyber security support one would expect from an in-house senior executive within a more efficient and affordable service model. Gain day-to-day cyber security support and counsel from a dedicated vCISO along with long-term security strategy, vision, program and policy design, and implementation.

vCISOs conduct a comprehensive assessment of a company’s security posture to pinpoint weaknesses and optimize their security standing over the long-term. Acting either as a long-standing resource for your team or as interim CISO, a vCISO will step in to establish security standards, implement controls, and respond rapidly to incidents—continually refining your approach to address the dynamic threat landscape along with industry best practices and regulations.

Why us?

While it’s not always cost effective to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lead risk management and information assurance programs, our advisors can deliver much of the same services at a fraction of the investment you would pay for a full-time executive hire. Reduce your risk profile with hands-on vCISO support from a dedicated advisor who already understands the small business environment. We’re entrepreneurial, wear multiple hats like you do, and can protect your organization with the right strategic and operational vision. Team up with a proactive, self-driven virtual CISO—delivering the adaptability you need to meet the demands of external influences such as customer requests, audit requirements, and rising threats.

How can a Virtual CISO assist your organization?

A vCISO is your security point-of-contact for all security related issues, offering a direct line to experts as questions naturally arise. A virtual CISO will also respond to incidents, answer security-related questionnaires for your customers, and respond to data breach should that arise. In addition to ongoing and ad hoc support, a vCISO will tie into meetings when security expertise and guidance are needed. Additional vCISO support includes:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Vulnerability Management Monitoring
  • Data Classification
  • Data Loss Prevention/Plan Implementation
  • Compliance Initiatives (PCI FERPA FACTA HIPAA SOX)
  • Security Program Design
  • Security Standards (ISO 27001 NIST FISMA FFIEC)
  • Privacy Program Implementation
  • Vendor Contracts and Risk Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Architecture Design and Policy Development
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy and Policy Design
  • Information Risk Reviews and Risk Management
  • Audit Remediation and Audit Management
  • SOC Readiness and Compliance

Virtual CISO Service Benefits

Transform your security profile under our convenient and cost-efficient vCISO support model that integrates seamlessly as an extension to your team. And while the substantial cost reduction in the virtual CISO model is most attractive, vCISO benefits are even further reaching to provide a distinct advantage over both executive hire and collaboration with a solo security consultant.

Choosing Cyber Security Services’ vCISO plan delivers the strength in our combined team knowledge paired with the personal attention of a dedicated vCISO who brings experience in your industry. And beyond that industry expertise, we offer executive-level strategy, security planning, annual risk assessments, and the scalability you need to ebb and flow with changing business demands. Trust our vCISO services to deliver the insight and benchmarking only attainable from a company that works confidentially alongside others in your industry along with leading, established corporations.

Virtual CISO Overview

With years of hands on experience working with clients just like you, we can lead your information security program under a more cost-efficient vCISO shared services model.

Security Consultant

Security Consultant

Every company deserves a dedicated vCISO who understands their environment, industry, and needs. We work with companies to create a comprehensive plan to protect your bottom line and reputation.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness

Design your security awareness program in-line with industry standards along with compliance and regulatory requirements. A vCISO backs your business with expertise and knowledge in security as it relates to your line of work.

Incident Response

Incident Response

Your virtual CISO will collaborate with your staff to develop a comprehensive incident response plan, which is an essential aspect in reducing the impact of a data breach. This along with discounted 24x7 network security monitoring.

Expect even more from your vCISO.

Single Point of Contact

Your team will have a direct contact line with your virtual CISO at all times, whether you prefer to communicate through email, instant messenger, or phone. As an extension to your team, we work closely and collaboratively with the departments and personnel that drive your organization forward.

Compliance Initiatives

We specialize in creating compliance programs that adhere to leading privacy regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, SOX, PCI, FERPA, FACTA, and state privacy laws—connecting companies with the right virtual CISO for your industry.

Vulnerability Management

Our Virtual CISOs use some of the best enterprise security tools to detect vulnerabilities in your environment. Our vCISOs also prioritize remediation efforts so your team can stay focused on the most pressing matters.

Data Classification

We can design a data classification scheme and program for your organization using the level of security controls your Virtual CISO has deemed suitable to best protect your specific situation.

Audit/Risk Management

Each of our Virtual CISOs come trailing experience within federal, state, and private audit teams, able to work with your audit team to prioritize findings, develop realistic goals for cyber security controls, and assist with remediation efforts.

Security Architecture

Your virtual CISO is a valuable contributor to all project development phases, able to offer guidance on security architecture design and requirements while ensuring that architecture meets industry best practices.

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Our Virtual CISO team can improve your security program, offering flexible vCISO options for part-time and full-time engagements along with individual security projects. Setting us apart from other vCISO providers is our ability to provide a dedicated virtual CISO. This means that, for every call, you’re reaching someone familiar with your business, your environment, your industry, and your team—and someone who is able to execute based on this knowledge.

Let us show you the value in a complete security program and reduce your risk without draining your bottom line. Contact us at 800.390.1053 or click the meet with security consultant link here, to see if a virtual CISO is right for your organization.

For more information on the description of a Chief Information Security Officer visit the NIST descriptions page here.

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