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What is MDR and XDR?

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Managed Detection and Response, or MDR, is a layered security approach that pairs robust technology with a human element to address the continual barrage of cybersecurity threats, interpret those events, and respond accordingly. MDR providers bring the expertise needed to understand the full context of each incident, providing pertinent recommendations on modifications that organizations can implement to notably enhance security and mitigate future attacks. Not only is this good business practice but it also helps businesses stay in compliance with regulations like PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FACTA, NIST 800-53, and FERPA.

While larger organizations have built Managed Detection and Response into their overall security strategy and framework, small- to mid-sized organizations, though equally vulnerable to cyberattack, typically lack the resources to ensure around-the-clock attention. Recruitment and onboarding of professionals with an advanced security skillset along with the ongoing training and education that goes along with can also prove costly. And even with the right personnel, fatigue comes into play as staff struggle to keep up with the high volume of alerts that arrive through various technologies. Only exacerbating this issue is the growing number of endpoints as organizations seek to manage remote workers, hybrid networks, IoT, and connected supply chain partners.

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Our MDR/XDR Solution

MDR/XDR service providers, like Cyber Security Services, can back your organization with an intelligent and dedicated security team that works nonstop to protect your environment. Gain access to leading technical solutions that we can put into place or let us work seamlessly with any next-generation anti-virus and firewall threat tool you prefer. Then let Cyber Security Services manage MDR including full-time threat hunting along with alert monitoring, prioritization, investigation, analysis, and response—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We apply artificial intelligence models to server, endpoint, and network data, correlating and investigating indicators to determine scope and probable impact. We then report back to you with a root cause analysis and targeted remediation recommendations.

Our MDR solution at the endpoints begins with CrowdStrike Falcon, the leading breach prevention software in the world. We enhance your program even more by including SIEM capabilities that allow our team to correlate log events from your existing investments. We can ingest thousands of device types giving you peace of mind that your entire network is covered. Our solution does not stop there. Our security engineers and analysts work with you to create custom blocking procedures on devices you already own. This gives our SOC the option to block threats from internal devices without an agent to include malicious IoT, personally owned devices, OT devices, and so much more. Our flexible MDR capabilities are unique in the industry, and give you a truly customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

Unlike Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)—which focus solely on perimeter-based technology and rule-based detection of known threats along with firewalls, day-to-day network security, log management and monitoring—an MDR provider can pinpoint lateral movement, proactively detect advanced threats, monitor your network around the clock, conduct behavioral analysis, and advise on ways to strengthen your security strategy over time.

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