Network Security Monitoring

Why us?

For starters, we do not just alert you to attacks. We have analysts that review and block the attack as it is in progress. This saves a lot of time and energy from your team having to determine when it is appropriate to take action. We take the guessing work out of security.

Second, we have a state-of-the-art security monitoring platform that takes in threat intelligence feeds from the same services as Homeland Security. Our team of Cyber Security Professionals monitor multiple feeds around the clock so that they are aware of attackers before they strike your organization.

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Intelligent Blocking of Threats

All threats are reviewed by our security analysts to determine if the threat warrants an action. If it does, our team will perform the block action on your behalf.


  • Reduce the need for on-call teams
  • Reduce the need to analyze cyber security events
  • Reduce the time to respond to security incidents from hours to minutes
  • Reduce risk and costs using a dedicated SOC
Block Security Events as they happen

What We Offer

24x7x365 Monitoring and Blocking

What services should you expect?

  • Log Retention and Storage Services
  • Real-time threat monitoring
  • Compliance Reporting
  • More than 300 reports can be tailored to your industry and requirements
  • We will create reports on your behalf
  • Log Management
  • Search past events
  • Retain logs for compliance purposes
  • Firewall/IDS/IPS Log Monitoring
  • Certified Security Analysts for Support and Questions
  • Data Breach Response Assistance
  • Log Correlation
  • Custom Rules at your Request
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Escalation
  • Email Reports Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Audit Request Support
  • Industry Leading Security Intelligence
  • Government Partnerships
  • Security Threat Feeds from Government and Private Sector
  • The ability to provide actionable intelligence on day one
Network Security Monitoring

The largest number of breaches in 2017 was from Hacking Incidents. Many could have been prevented with 24x7 monitoring and blocking by security analysts.

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Log Monitoring and Immediate Incident Response