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Emergency Incident Response

Our approach to incident response focuses on remediating the security threat in the environment as the primary objective. We then move into a comprehensive review on other areas of concern to ensure the attack is isolated. We include a thorough review of the endpoints, network, and underlying infrastructure to ensure the best outcome for your organization.

The incident response program can be onsite or remote service for quick turnaround on incidents

Incident Response Retainer

The best approach in dealing with a security incident is to have a plan in place. The retainer service places a team of incident responders and forensic experts on standby to deal with a security incident. When time is of the essence, your organization can’t afford to wait for a team to be assembled, contracts to be signed, and project plans to be defined. The retainer service has a 1-year expiration period with a fully transferable rate reduction to any of the services we offer.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment

The incident response readiness assessment services are designed to review both technical and non-technical capabilities on responding to security incidents. Cyber Security Services offers solutions to evaluate the current state of the incident response program and to setup a roadmap designed to improve incident response across the enterprise. The services include Incident Response Gap assessments and Incident Response Planning.

    • Includes a Technical Vulnerability Scan of the Perimeter Network
    • Includes a Technical Vulnerability Scan of the Internal Network
    • Perform a Risk Based Maturity Model and Control Review for Ransomware
      • Evaluate 50+ security controls to determine gaps and areas of opportunity.
      • Incident Response Evaluation
    • Report on Ransomware Prevention Maturity and Capabilities
    • Roadmap with Prioritization of Control Remediation
    • Security Tool Capability Review
    • Strategies for Advanced Detection and Immediate Response
    • May Include Penetration Testing Methods and Attack Scenario Testing Services

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

A team of incident responders will walk your organization through common data breach and incident scenarios. The goal will be to measure how well your organization responds to threats as well as to identify gaps in the incident response procedures. Our approach to tabletop exercises starts with the Executive Management and Board of Directors for general decision-making scenarios. We take our tabletop exercises a step further by working with the technical and security teams to plan for network, device, and social-engineering attack scenarios. This approach puts organizations in the best possible position to respond in a way that reduces the impact to the organization, customers, and stakeholders.

    • Executive Management and Board Tabletop Exercises
      • Designed for senior decision makers and legal teams
    • Information Technology and Information Security Tabletop Exercises
      • Designed for technical teams