CISO services

Virtual CISO Services

Let our Virtual CISO team assist with your security program. We have vCISO services options for part-time and full-time engagements as well as individual security projects. We set ourselves apart from other vCISO services by providing a dedicated Virtual CISO. We believe in providing the best value for our customers. The dedicated support model ensures that your vCISO understands your environment, knows your team, and can execute based on this knowledge.


Why should you consider a Virtual CISO?

It is not always cost effective to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for your Enterprise Risk Management and Information Assurance Program. Our advisors practice efficient delivery of security services rather than punching a 40-hour time clock. This reduces costs while reducing risk at the same time. Another key reason to use our services is that we pride ourselves in being very hands-on. We are a small business where our advisors are required to wear multiple hats. This means that your CISO is prepared for operational services as well as strategic services. We do not wait for direction. We do not assign tasks. We deliver. We deliver by providing hands-on security services. The CISO will improve security over a period of time. This period of time can be ramped up to meet external influences such as customer requests, audit requirements, or new threats.


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Virtual CISO Services designed for your industry.

Virtual CISO Services

Virtual CISO Overview

The vCISO that is assigned to your team will have executive experience in your industry. We fully expect our security expert to be an extension of your team. The only difference from our vCISO service and having an in-house expert is that the individual will be remote.


Common areas where Virtual CISOs can assist your organization:

– Security Point-of-Contact for All Issues
– Direct Phone Line for Any Questions
– Available for Scheduled Meetings
– Security Awareness Training Services
– Vulnerability Management Monitoring
– Data Classification Services
– Data Loss Prevention Implementation
– Compliance Initiatives (PCI, FERPA, FACTA, HIPAA, SOX)
– Security Program Design
– Security Standards (ISO 27001, NIST, FISMA, FFIEC)
– Privacy Program Implementation
– Vendor Contracts and Risk Management
– Identity and Access Management
– Security Architecture Design
– Policy Writing
– BYOD Strategies
– Answering Security Questionnaires for your Customers
– Risk Reviews
– Audit Remediation and Audit Management
– SOC Readiness and Compliance
– Incident Response
– Data Breach Management

Cybersecurity Consultant

Security Consultant

Your organization has unique needs, which is why you have to have a vCISO that understands them. We will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that protects your environment.

Security Awareness Plan

Security Awareness

We will work to develop a security awareness program that aligns to your compliance and regulatory requirements. We will often use online training programs that can be accessed from anywhere.

Incident Response

Incident Response

An incident response plan and procedure is essential in reducing the impact of a data breach. The Virtual CISO assigned to your organization will work with your team on developing an incident response plan.

Our goal is to reduce costs through a Virtual CISO shared services model. We will reduce risks by leading your information security program.

Virtual CISO - Additional Services

Other General Services to Expect

Point Of Contact

Point of Contact

The Virtual CISO will be in touch with your team at all times. This includes through email, instant messaging, and by phone. We will get to know the departments and personnel that make your organization great. We want to be a valued member of your team.


Compliance Initiatives


State Privacy Laws

We specialize in creating compliance programs that adhere to the common privacy regulations. Your Virtual CISO will have experience in your industry.

Vulnerability Monitoring

Vulnerability Management

Our Virtual CISOs utilize some of the best enterprise security tools in the world in order detect vulnerabilities in your environment. We will prioritize remediation efforts so  your team focuses in on what really matters.


Data Classification

Let us come up with a data classification scheme for your organization. The Virtual CISO will design a program that utilizes the level of security controls for the data you are protecting.

Audit Risk Management

Audit/Risk Management

All of our Virtual CISOs have worked with Federal, State, and Private audit teams. We work with the audit teams to develop realistic goals for cyber security controls. We will prioritize findings. We will assist with remediation efforts.

Network Security Monitoring

Security System Design

Our Virtual CISOs can assist with security architecture design requirements. We will make sure that the architecture meets industry best practices. A Virtual CISO can be a valuable part of your project development phases.

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