Forescout Services

Forescout Services

Our team of security experts and Forescout Certified Engineers (FSCEs) will help you get the most out of your Forescout implementation. Whether it is onsite staffing services, remote hands, or continuous management and monitoring services. Our team has extensive experience with Forescout Network Access Control (NAC) products and solutions. We assist with everything from short-term installation of the solution to longer term 802.1x deployments. CSS consultants have provided services for some of the largest Forescout customers in the United States. Let our team of professionals show you why Forescout Counteract remains our favorite security product on the market.

CSS Forescout Services Include:

  1. Product Implementation and Installation Services
  2. Forescout Architecture Design Planning Services
  3. Forescout Policy Design Services
  4. Forescout Upgrade and Maintenance Services
  5. Forescout Counteract Troubleshooting and Hands-on Support
  6. 802.1x Forescout Engineering and Project Planning Services
  7. Project Management Services for NAC Solutions
  8. Emergency After Hours Support
  9. Forescout as-a Service and NAC as-a Service Solution Management
  10. Forescout Use-Case Planning
  11. Forescout Health Checks
  12. Custom Integrations with Forescout and 3rd Party Applications
  13. Hourly Services

What is Forescout Counteract?

Forescout CounterAct is a leading security tool and NAC solution that identifies all the devices connected on the internal network, categorizes those devices, and gives your team the opportunity to apply controls that reduce risk. The solution can identify device types at the most granular level and apply network security controls based on this information. It could mean identifying all authorized and unauthorized devices on the network and applying network access controls based on authorization. Forescout can identify authorized devices either with an agent or without. The solution can be used as a standalone solution or it can be used to orchestrate with most leading security technologies on the market. This gives security and IT teams the capability to automate intelligence decision making and respond to threats where the device connects on the network (switch, wireless, or VPN). The use-cases are nearly endless when you implement this one solution.

In short, Forescout CounterAct provides organizations with immediate visibility across their entire network and gives teams the flexibility to restrict access based on their comfort level.


Our Proven Methodology with Forescout Implementations

We have a white-gloved approach to Forescout implementations and services that are tailored to each and every customer we serve. There is nothing standard about our methods. We ensure that each implementation has your objectives and specific requirements in mind.

  1. Design and Architecture – CSS consultants will design a solution with your end goal in mind. This means evaluating your existing infrastructure and security capabilities to ensure you get the most out of the solution. As an independent consulting organization our goal is to provide a solution that is cost effective and will meet your end objectives. We do this by providing expert opinions from those that have worked on both the customer side and Forescout services side.
  2. Installation Service – Our installers will ensure that we are meeting the best practice standards from a Forescout perspective. This includes custom tuning for your specific environment. There is no single installation that is the same with Forescout. All customers have unique devices and use-cases that need to be taken into account during the installation phase of the solution.
  3. Visibility and Discovery – We utilize all of the many Forescout discovery capabilities to ensure you can see every device on your network. This includes custom configurations and integrations as needed to gain 100% visibility into your network. While some organizations will turn on default settings, this provides only half of the picture. Let us work with your team to develop a plan to get every device under your purview.
  4. Custom Policy Work – We customize policies for every use-case that you have to ensure you get exactly what you want out of the solution. Our custom policy work starts with utilizing the best practice policy set from Forescout. We then tune it for all the various device types on your network. When we are done with full policy tuning, you should be able to identify every device on your network at a granular level. This gives you a complete inventory of devices to apply granular controls and micro network segmentation when you are ready.
  5. Control Design and Implementation – Our team will help you to evaluate which controls to implement based on your network infrastructure and existing security tools in the environment. We setup policies designed to test controls. With extensive experience rolling out security controls across large and small environments, we will prepare your team for a phased rollout of controls in your environment. This ensures you will be successful even after our departure. You’ll be ready to test controls before going live, and phase in controls by location, region, or subnet.