Forescout Services

Forescout Services

Our team of security experts will help you get the most out of your Foreccout implementation. Whether it is onsite staffing services, remote hands, or continuous management and monitoring services. Our team has extensive experience with Network Access Control (NAC) products and solutions.

What is Forescout?

Forescout CounterAct is a leading security tool that identifies all the devices connected on your internal network, categorizes those devices, and then applies security controls to reduce the risk those devices have on your network. The device types include everything from Windows, Linux, Mobile, and IoT Devices. If a device is connected on your network, CounterAct will be able to find it, classify it, and eventually apply controls to reduce the risk. The tool works on wired networks as well as wireless. There are many integration points with applications and security appliances. Our team of cyber security experts have worked with Forescout’s largest customers. We provide a unique perspective with years of hands-on experience and successful implementations.

NAC-As-A-Service Offering

We have 3 month, 6 month, and annual NAC as a service solutions for ForeScout. Our team of trained security analysts will assist 24x7x365.
Let us provide after-hours incident response, policy writing, and maintenance.

ForeScout Augmented Staff

  • Staffing Available

  • ForeScout Engineers and ForeScout Analysts

  • Let us help with your staffing needs

ForeScout is Gartner's NAC Magic Quadrant Leader

  • Managed Security Services for ForeScout Counteract

  • Monthly and Annual Rates for Management

  • Hands-On Support Services

  • Implementation Services

  • ForeScout Support Services

  • ForeScout Upgrade Services

We have ForeScout support services available on an as needed basis to meet client requirements and project deliverables.


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