Higher Education

Higher Education had 7.6 Million records breached in 2017 alone. While the number seems significant at first glance, the number of data breaches have been going down in Higher Ed over the last few years. This is in part due to the adoption of new cyber security controls by colleges and universities. Our team is a proud contributor to the NIST Cyber Security Framework. We work with colleges and universities throughout the United States to meet cyber security challenges. As control requirements increase for FERPA, FACTA, PCI and HIPAA, we are here to help you meet those requirements. No challenge is too big or too small to engage us for assistance. We want to be your long term cyber security partner.

How we help


How we assist Higher Ed

  • Cyber Security Consultants : Full-Time or Part-Time or On-Demand
  • Cyber Security Project Management : Our project team will manage cyber security projects from start to finish alleviating resource constraints.
  • Student System Security : Our team of Higher Ed CISOs have worked on many platforms across many campuses. We help design controls for applications.
  • Online Campus Cyber Security : As colleges and universities expand their online presence - it can come with unique many unique cyber security challenges.
  • FERPA Risk Assessments : We perform risk assessments designed to meet FERPA controls.
  • Security Log Monitoring Services : 24x7 monitoring of online banking or core banking software as well as firewalls and other security infrastructure.
  • Risk Management Services : FISMA - FERPA - FACTA - HITECH risk management and compliance services.
  • NIST Cyber Security Framework Assessments : GAP assessments to adhere to the Cyber Security Framework by National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Cyber Security Penetration : Social Engineering -Network Penetration Tests - Application Penetration Tests - Wireless Penetration Tests and Physical Site Tests.
  • Vulnerability Management : Identify vulnerabilities on the network before hackers and identity thieves to. We help prioritize vulnerabilities with a plan of action.
  • Vendor Management Services : Higher Ed vendors must be evaluated for Cyber Security Controls in order to protect your organization.
  • Higher Education PCI Compliance and Management : Our team will manage all aspects of PCI compliance on behalf of the College or University.

Cyber Security Data Breaches in 2017

A focus on Cyber Security has reduced the number of data breaches over the last couple of years.


Purple represents the percent of data breaches in Higher Education out of all the industries for 2017. There were more than 7.627,404 records breached in 2017 alone in Higher Education (privacyrights.org).