Healthcare security priorities shift to protecting medical devices for 2023.

We have seen unprotected devices bring down hospitals and medical offices of all sizes. This could impact critical patient care. Our healthcare cybersecurity consultants assist with the strategy and delivery of secure medical equipment. We have a range of services tailored to the healthcare industry. Whether you operate medical offices or service the medical industry, we have a program that can be tailored for your specific requirements.

Some of the areas where we assist healthcare providers:
Some of the areas where we assist health insurance providers:
  • Data Inventory and Risk Analysis

  • HIPAA Penetration Testing Services

  • Vendor Risk Management and Reviews

  • HITRUST Certification

  • Continuous Incident Monitoring and Response

Protecting patient data is a group effort. We help bridge the gap.

Healthcare cyber security has changed dramatically in the last ten years with the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) devices increasing on the medical network. IoT technologies are rapidly becoming part of the high-tech medical arena. Medical devices are now connected to the network in order to help doctors, nurses, and support teams provide critical care services for patients. The new interconnected device types are not always managed in the same way as traditional IT systems. They are often left unpatched and vulnerable to attack. This uncontrolled environment leaves hospitals and other medical service providers accepting great levels of risk in order to improve services.

At Cyber Security Services, we understand this risk. We help healthcare organizations succeed by reducing that risk by improving the security of network connected devices. This includes everything from medical equipment to security devices. We take a proactive approach to getting an accurate inventory and applying a risk assessment model to determine areas that should be prioritized for improved security controls.

There were 339 healthcare organizations breached in 2017 alone. It is important to partner with an organization that understands the unique risks facing healthcare today. Cyber Security Services has been helping some of the largest hospitals in the United States solve some of those challenges.

How we assist Healthcare and Medical Providers

  • Cyber Security Consultants : Full-Time - Part-Time or On-Demand
  • Cyber Security Project Management : Our project team will manage cyber security projects from start to finish alleviating resource constraints.
  • Medical and IoT Asset Inventory : Our team will identify inventory on the network and prioritize assets based on overall risk.
  • Medical Device Vulnerability Management : We will evaluate medical and IoT devices for vulnerabilities before malware or hackers do.
  • HIPAA Risk Assessments : Our team of HIPAA auditors will review current risks to see where controls may be missing across the enterprise.
  • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) : Risk assessments and audits designed to meet compliance.
  • Security Log Monitoring Services : 24x7 monitoring of devices or the infrastructure that protects those devices.
  • Risk Management Services : New IT projects new medical devices and new IoT devices come with risks. Let us help determine risk levels.
  • Vendor Management Services : Healthcare vendors must be evaluated for Cyber Security Controls in order to protect your organization.
  • Medical Device Security and Privacy Requirements : We will prioritize devices to be secured based on real attack scenarios and risk to patients.
  • Medical Device Risk Assessments : This can be a complete medical device risk assessment engagement or new devices coming online requiring a risk assessment. We are here to supplement your current team.