Banking security controls can be a challenge for some of the largest financial institutions. Credit Unions and Community Banks are also feeling the same pressure.

Banks and Credit Unions are one of the most regulated industry in the United States. This makes it a challenge to meet all the compliance requirements in order to conduct business. Cyber Security Services offers solutions for Banks and Credit Unions that need to maintain compliance with GLBA, BSA, FACTA, SOX, and PCI. We assist with industry recognized standards such as the FFIEC guidelines. Our team is comprised of former Chief Information Security Officers and Privacy Officers in the banking industry. We know how to meet the requirements of outside regulating bodies as well as your customers. We have the expertise to be your trusted Cyber Security advisor throughout the year.

How we help

How we assist Banks and Credit Unions

  • Cyber Security Consultants : Full-Time - Part-Time or On-Demand
  • Cyber Security Project Management : Our project team will manage cyber security projects from start to finish alleviating resource constraints.
  • Core Banking Security : We can assisit with operational security administration challenges or the design of new core banking software.
  • Mobile Banking Security : As customers move toward mobile banking we have a team of professionals to assist meeting cyber security challenges in this space.
  • FFIEC Risk Assessments : We perform risk assessments against the FFIEC standards. We will also prepare the organization to meet this standard.
  • Security Log Monitoring Services : 24x7 monitoring of online banking or core banking software as well as firewalls and other security infrastructure.
  • Risk Management Services
  • Vendor Management Services : Bank vendors must be evaluated for Cyber Security Controls in order to protect your organization.
  • PCI Compliance Services for Banks : PCI ASV Scans PCI DSS SAQ Assistance and PCI Gap Analysis. Outsource all or part of your PCI Compliance to Us!
  • Banking Compliance : BSA- GLBA- SOX- FACTA- and PCI compliance iniatives or audits.
  • Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking : Network Penetration Tests - Social Engineering Tests - Application Penetration Testing and Physical Security Testing.

Cyber Security Data Breaches in 2017

Dark Orange Represents the Percentage of Data Breaches impacting the Financial Sector.


There were over 1,926,362,105 records breached in 2017 alone.